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  • Vinod Verma

    Mr. Vinod Verma is 60 years old and retired. He came to California to visit his son Akhil and daughter-in-law, Natasha, for 6 months. Akhil and Natasha both work full-time, so it is difficult for them to spend much time with him. Mr. Verma has a very active social life in India and enjoys playing chess, and often misses being able to have his friends over for tea and chess.

    Vinod Verma
  • Rajshri Devi

    Rajshri Devi is a 55-year-old housewife who came to the US to visit her son. Her son and daughter-in-law are very caring and 4 year old grandson keeps her occupied. She planned to stay in the US with them for 4 months, but now she wants to return home in just 2 months as she misses her life in India and grandson also started school and remains busy. Rajshri is very friendly , has a good circle of friends and relatives in India and enjoys cooking and watching television.

    Rajshri Devi
  • Nisha patel

    Nisha is an IT professional living in Chicago with husband and was very happy to have parents over from Ahmadabad, India after a very long time. Soon she realized that work is keeping her and her husband too occupied and parents are mostly by themselves throughout the day. They go out but don't really get to talk to anyone. She gets worried about them feeling lonely and bored but struggles to find any solution to this.

    Nisha patel

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