What is VisitorsConnect Site?

VisitorsConnect is a website for visiting parents and/or relatives to connect with other like-minded people in their neighborhood while staying in the US.

Why should I sign up?

One of the biggest reasons why parents hesitate to come to the US is that they don't have a network of friends to socialize with and therefore, get bored. By signing up with VisitorsConnect, you can help them connect with like-minded people in your neighborhood, who may also be visiting the US. Our unique algorithm uses information provided about your parent such as their interests, languages spoken and age to suggest new connections.

Who can sign up?

VisitorsConnect is a free service to all. You can sign-up if you have a parent or grandparent visiting and you want to help them find some companionship in your neighborhood.

Why do you ask for hobbies, language etc?

By providing personal interest like hobbies and choice of languages spoken, VisitorsConnect can help you find others with similar interests within your chosen zip code and help you connect with them. Filling in as many details as possible in the profile helps us find a better match.

Why do you ask for arrival and return dates?

Your profile will show up in search results only when your parents are present in the USA. Entering these dates and keeping it updated will help us to showcase your profile to other members who share the same travel period.

My parents are visiting us. Should I create two separate accounts?

You only need one account per family. However, you should create two separate profiles for each parent to separate each of their interests and preferences. This will help VisitorsConnect identify like-minded people for each of them.

My parents are not computer savvy. Should I create an account on their behalf?

Yes, we recommend that someone who actively uses a computer and knows how to browse or email actually creates the account. Account creator will receive all notifications, invitations to connect and must be able to respond via their email.

Should I create separate accounts and/or separate profiles for my parents and in-laws?

You will need only a single account and you may add multiple profiles for each family member into that account.

My parents are going to be staying in two different cities. Which address should I choose?

You can add more than one address to any profile. So, if your parent is going to stay with you in California and will be visiting Virginia after two months, you can add both addresses. When searching for connections, you can then pick an address where they are interested in meeting new people.

How are best match results organized?

Our algorithm uses various inputs including your home city, current address, spoken languages, hobbies, interests and displays a list with the most relevant connections at the top.

Why can't I see the email address and phone numbers of people in the search results?

Phone numbers and email address are not displayed for privacy reasons. They are revealed after the other party has accepted your invitation.

Why can't I see the email addresses and phone numbers of people in the search results?

Phone numbers and email addresses are not displayed for privacy reasons. They are revealed only after the new connection has accepted your invitation.

What happens when I click 'Connect'?

When you click on "Connect" tab, an email notification is sent to the contact person for that profile. They can then view the invitation, see your profile information and choose to accept or ignore. The requestor cannot see your address, phone number or email until you accept their invitation. If they accept your invitation, you'll get an email notification about the same. If they don't take any action, they receive a follow-up email the next day.

I received an Invitation from someone. What do I do?

You can click on the View Profile tab to see their profile. If you would like to connect with them, simply hit the "Accept" tab. You can also choose to ignore their invitation.

My parents are not currently staying with us. How do I stop getting email invitations?

Please login to the VisitorsConnect website with your username and password, click on the "Manage Profiles" tab and change the status from 'Active' to 'Inactive'.

Why can't I find my country on the Parent's Language and Culture screen?

We ave attempted to all inclusive and cover a huge range of options under country and interests. Please refresh your webpage once and locate your choice.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please feel free to Contact us at: